Toddler bounce sessions

Toddlers bouncingToddler bounce sessions are designed so that children aged 5 and under can enjoy Sky High Trampoline park safely and bounce at their own speed and comfort level.

Its a great way to teach toddlers spatial awareness and how to explore an environment they aren’t familiar with. Bouncing on a trampoline is one of the most simple but joyful things that you can do at any age, that’s why we encourage parents to get involved too!

You get 55 minutes in the park, after which we promise you’ll have taken your little one to new heights seldom seen before, you’ll have giggled with them and tumbled with them and you will have one tired out little toddler ready for a big long sleep. Every parent’s dream?!

Toddler session prices:

£7.50 per pre-schooler (this price includes accompanying adult). £5 per additional sibling

Please take the time to read the Toddler bounce policy below before you arrive at the park.

When booking sessions, please select ‘Parent and toddler session’. Select the number of toddlers bouncing (the accompanying parent/carer is included in the £7.50 price).  Any child with size 7 infant feet or above will need to bring/purchase grip socks. Under this size, toddlers must wear normal socks. When it comes to the terms and conditions page, please ignore the statement that bouncers need to be aged 5+ to participate. Slight glitch in the system which will be rectified asap!

Please ensure you arrive at the park early so that you get your full session on the trampolines, and not in a queue! We recommend you get here half an hour in advance of your session.

Toddler bounce policy

Toddler bounce sessions are designed so that children aged 5 and under can enjoy Sky High Trampoline park safely and bounce at their own speed and comfort level. The following terms must be observed so that everyone has a fun and safe bounce.

  • Toddler bounce sessions are open exclusively for children between walking age and 5 along with an accompanying parent or guardian
  • To keep the session safe and enjoyable we require at least 1 Adult to be present and actively supervising for every 2 children participating in the session
  • Every child participating must have a waiver signed on their behalf by a parent or guardian. View and sign the waiver here.
  • Sessions are term time only
  • All bouncers must wear grip socks above an infant size seven (you can bring your own or they can be purchased from Sky High for £1.50). Below an infant size 7, you must wear normal socks
  • Bounce sessions are 55 minutes in duration
  • Toddlers will have access to all areas of the park except Walk the Wall
  • Safety video must be observed by parents prior to session
  • Older siblings are not allowed to participate in these sessions for the safety of all
  • Sessions are supervised at all times by our experienced and fully trained court monitors
  • Sessions should be booked in advance to avoid disappointment, either online, in person or by phone
  • Buggies may be brought into the park at your own risk (if you have a young baby you need to bring in whilst supervising a pre-schooler, for example).  There is no buggy park (empty buggies need to be folded up at the door). There is no lift access so buggies cannot be taken into the café/viewing gallery unless carried up the stairs.  If you decide to bring a buggy we advise you secure it as we cannot be held responsible for theft or damage.
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