Sky High Trampoline Park
Bounce, twist, flip and fly at Sky High
Sky High Trampoline Park

Literally bounce off the walls

over 11,000sq ft of trampolines

Sky High Trampoline Park

1 hour long weekend slots

Thumbs up for Sky High trampoline park
parkour obstacles & walk the wall
slam dunk basketball & aeroball

Get down to Sky High trampoline park for some seriously silly fun!

Offering over 11,000sq ft of wall to wall trampolines, you can be certain your little ones will be flying off the walls like their favourite superheroes.

Sit back and relax in Sky High’s viewing gallery and cafe as your kids literally bounce off the walls this autumn!

Over 11,000sq ft of trampolines
Parkour Obstacles
Walk The wall
Slam dunk basketball and Aeroball