Love is in the Air – Valentine’s Day Love Fest

By January 29, 2018No Comments

Adrenaline….exhilaration….a quickening of the senses….there’s no better place to celebrate the excitement of falling in love than at Sky High’s Valentine’s Fest!

Bring your love, your date, your ‘would like to be more’ for a bounce and give them the time of their life on the interconnected trampolines, the super-sized air bag and the challenge of Walk the Wall. They’ll think you’re the business, and you can show off your skills (or pretend you’re rubbish to make them look and feel good – we like your strategy). 

There’ll be love music turned up loud all day long and plenty of treats available to buy in the cafe to quench those thirsty bouncers. 

Love Fest will be happening all day long but please book in advance as it’s half term week:
9am Valentine’ s Day toddler bounce (£7.50 for child and carer) 
10am-7pm open bounce (£10 per bouncer) 
7pm – BounceFIT (£7.50 per bouncer)

Each session will last 55 minutes. All bouncers must wear grip socks in the park for safety and hygiene.

Book now at http://skyhightrampolinepark.co.uk/ or phone us at 01273 58 00 29