BounceSTRONG arrives at Sky High to take you to the next level of fitness

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Elly does BounceSTRONG

Meet Elly Beaman-Brinklow, the brains behind BounceSTRONG.  She tells us all about it below…

So what’s this new BounceSTRONG all about then? BounceSTRONG is a full body work out which will get your heart pumping, your muscles working and your face smiling! A calorie burning mix of cardio, strength, conditioning and HIIT exercise on a trampoline! Its sociable, fun and works on cardio, muscular endurance and strength all in one. Book onto the first class now and if you don’t love it, we’ll give you your money back!

What does a class entail? BounceSTRONG uses a mixture of bouncing routines that will get your heart pumping coupled with a varied circuit with strength and toning exercises to get you strong and in tip top shape. This will be no ordinary circuit, expect pair work, the odd fitness game, a bit of competition and some banging tunes to get you motivated.  You will be burning calories in class and well after you leave, and feel thoroughly chuffed with yourselves!

BounceSTRONG sounds like hard work – is it going to hurt?  Haha great question! Well you know the saying, no pain no gain right? I can’t promise it will be a pain free ride, but only the best kind of pain that leads to satisfaction! With great music, some team work, fitness games and variation you won’t have time to dwell on pain, but your body and mind will gain!

What fitness levels is the class for? The class caters for all fitness levels, I always provide modifications to make sure everyone gets a great work out that is right for them. As long as you want to push yourself and enjoy yourself, this class is for you!

What changes can I expect to see to my body if I keep it up? If you come regularly you will definitely see increased muscle tone, you’ll lose inches, see a firmer core, and be wearing a confident smile!

How is it different to BounceFIT and how do I know which session is for me?
BounceSTRONG is a lively mix of trampoline circuits,  fitness games and cardio bounce tracks, often using equipment such as balls and weights. A class that incorporates strength, conditioning and cardio all in one work out! It’s great for those who want a challenge, like variation and team work – I am there to support and motivate you to push yourselves and see results. You’ll sweat smile and burn calories.
BounceFIT uses a music track by track approach, with great tunes to get you going. Ria is great at providing modifications and inspiring you to move and be active! It doesn’t require any equipment other than yourself, the trampoline & occasionally resistance bands. Two differing styles and approaches both however providing you with a chunk of sweaty fitness fun – come try them both and see!

Should I book in advance? Yes, we would advise that you do.  My motto is always that fitness should be fun! Why would you stay away when you are guaranteed to get you fitter, faster, stronger, leaner and feeling great – all from bouncing around! Something a bit different and you’ll never get bored, see you there! Variation is key for keeping your body guessing (and progressing) and keeping motivated. There are so many benefits to working out on a trampoline: your muscles have to work that bit harder to stabilise thereby building full body strength, stability and endurance, strengthen your heart & build lung capacity (increasing cardiovascular fitness), ignite your metabolism, improve balance, its lower impact putting less strain on those joints – And the best thing is, it’s fun too, bring on those endorphins!

Meet Elly at her BounceSTRONG classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm.  In the meantime, here’s a bit more about her:

Age: 29
Height: 170cm / 5ft 7
Current Employment: BB Active and Haste Theatre
Fitness Quals: Personal Training (REPS Level 3), Gym Instructor (REPS Level 2), Circuits & Kettle Bells
Other Quals: MA Physical Theatre, First Aid
Background: I come from a background of dance, sports and theatre. I trained in Ballet, Tap and Contemporary dance from an early age, while also playing and competing in (low level) netball, swimming, 200m and triple Jump. I Taught Street Dance, Contemporary and Stretch and Tone classes in Manchester which ignited my love for teaching and getting others moving and loving being active! I then trained for Masters Degree in Physical Thetare, which is where I  met my theatre company Haste Theatre, who I continue to perform, tour and facilitate workshops with. A little later I decided to use my love and experience of sport, dance and the moving body and trained as a Personal Trainer, setting up my Personal and Outdoor Training company: BB Active. I run my own form of bootcamp called PlayFit, which uses play and bootcamp games outdoors, to get you lunging, leaping, squatting and running while barley realising! I provide small group and one to one PT sessions too. My ethos is to have fun with fitness, if you don’t enjoy it, it won’t stick! …Which is why I am delighted to start teaching BounceSTRONG, what is more fun than a group class on a trampoline?!

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