Hi. I’m Tash.

I’m an Owner/Director of Sky High Trampoline Park. I’ve done many things since we opened up Sky High in July….I’ve flipped into the air bag for Children in Need, I’ve hidden Alfie Deyes underneath the trampolines overnight, I’ve welcomed over 60,000 of you through the doors.


I have never tried Bounce FIT. I watch Ria skipping in here three times a week, hardly breaking a sweat on the trampolines while I finish my latte and cookie up in the office. It hasn’t really occurred to me to try until January, when I declared ‘NOW IS MY TIME’ and made a vow to undertake a term of Bounce FIT. So here is my solemn promise to you:

I will participate in a session of Bounce FIT every week until Easter and I will record my progress in The Bounce FIT diaries blog. I am hoping to inspire and motivate people like me who have busy jobs and who may not have exercised for a while. I will be your ambassador, your guinea pig, I shall go forth and conquer those trampolines! We can do it!

Wish me luck, my friends Xx

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So, baring all, here are my vital stats at the start of January 2017:

Name: Natasha Miller

Age: 41

Height: 5’4″

Weight: 12 stone

Situation: Married, Mum to a 15 year old boy and 13 year old twin girls

Profession: Owner/Director of Sky High Trampoline Park

Activity Level: Active (10-11,000 steps per day), running around at work all day, dog walking once a day

Last exercise class: Over twenty years ago

To be continued…