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Helen Johnson does BounceFIT

How to lose a stone and a half with BounceFIT

Interview with Helen Johnson, BounceFITter at Sky High

Vital Stats:

Age: 44

Height: 5’3”

Weight (April 2017): 10 stone 1 lb

Weight (October 2016): 11 stone 6 lb

Sky High: Helen, congratulations on losing one and a half stone in weight! You look amazing! Tell us how you have done it?

Helen: Thanks…I feel amazing!  I started BounceFIT in October 2016 and alongside a healthier diet that’s how I’ve lost the weight and kept it off.

Sky High: So what prompted you to try BounceFIT?

Helen: I saw it advertised last year and it looked like a fun, different way of exercising so I came along to the first ever class. I’ve come to a class a week since then and I’m hooked.

Sky High: Why BounceFIT?

Helen: I don’t like going to the gym and prefer to exercise in a group. Everyone’s normal at BounceFIT – there’s every size, shape, age on the trampolines. It’s fun and energising and it always puts a smile on my face!

Sky High: Tell us about a typical class, for those who haven’t been

Helen: Ria starts with a warm up session then after some water and removal of some layers, she takes us into a high intensity workout (involving front to back/side bounces, knee tucks, double/triple time pulse bounces). We do a few reps of these to get the heart going. After a water break we go into a fun routine – so we’ll play a game along the length of the trampolines or do special moves to a song. I love this bit as you don’t even know you’re exercising. We then do core (abs, planks, pulsing stretches) then some yoga type stretches to cool down. We then get 10 minutes to freestyle in the park.

Sky High: What would you say to someone slightly nervous about coming along to BounceFIT?

Helen: Don’t be! The hardest part is leaving the house – once you’re here you’ll love it and come out smiling. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming and Ria is brilliant.

Sky High: What about the dreaded pelvic floor issue?

Helen: I’ve got two children and it’s honestly not an issue! You don’t bounce that high – and you land deep into the trampoline meaning the landing is low impact. You take it completely at your own pace too. Lots of mums at the school gates have said ‘I wouldn’t be able to do BounceFIT’ because of the pelvic floor problem. I say try it and you’ll be surprised.

Sky High: What do your kids think about you doing BounceFIT?

Helen: They think it’s brilliant. We practice some of the moves at home – the planking for example. I think it’s really healthy for their own outlook towards exercise to see me going out to a class I love and coming home buzzing.

Sky High: Weight loss is really difficult to achieve and it can be so confusing, expensive and demoralising. What’s the secret?

Helen: A realistic outlook – because life’s about living. I have a treat day once a week and if I have an extra piece of cake I’ll exercise or walk it off afterwards. I walk the kids to school and I try to cook healthy, clean meals for the family (wholemeal foods, lots of fruit and veg, go easy on the sugar and processed food). I do bounceFIT and a bootcamp class once a week and I love the exercise I do. It’s changed my bodyshape completely and I look forward to it every week.

Sky High: What difference do you think Sky High has made and to the local community?

Helen: It’s put Peacehaven on the map. It’s given the kids something to do – something active – and it’s brought an energising, enlivening, fun form of exercise to all of us BounceFITters!

BounceFIT is on Mondays and Wednesdays. Book a class online now and be part of 2017’s fitness revolution.




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