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What and when is it?

Welcome to Jump Club. The first rule of Jump Club is: you do not talk about Jump Club.  Only members allowed!

Jump Club is an after school club for children aged eight and over, running at 4pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The goal of Jump Club is to get active after a day of sitting in classrooms. To encourage healthy competition and to develop jump skills whilst meeting new friends. Jump Clubbers will buddy up to form teams, work on their own and help each other – learning the value of teamwork and leadership and all while doing what they love.

Get ready for some serious after school skills-testing, get active and get rid of those iPads, Xboxes and phones!

Term dates will be released soon – please call 01273 580029 to reserve your place. 

View the timetable for session info and book online.


Who is it for?

Jump Club is for school aged children over the age of 5 and under the age of 16.

How much is it?

Each session costs £10 per person, or a course of five weeks of Jump Club for £40.  The tournament runs for five weeks during which individual/team skills are honed and scores are collated. Enrolled Jump Clubbers will receive a kit bag full of Sky High goodies.

Grip socks must be worn – you can bring your own or purchase these online or at the park for £1.50.




Thanks again Skyhigh for a brilliant after school Jump Club. Great games organised by staff with fantastic energy levels, this is an awesome way for kids to burn off their post school pent-up energy and at only £8 per session is such great value. We’re hooked! – Debbie





Rules of Jump Club:

  1. Safety, as always, is paramount. Each child must wear jump socks and abide by the park rules (which will be explained in detail in the taster session and reiterated in brief at the start of each session). Each parent/guardian/carer must sign a waiver.
  2. Children under the age of 12 must not be left unattended at the park. Parents/guardians/carers are very welcome in our cafe or viewing gallery (with free Wi-Fi and great food and drink)