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What and when is it?

BounceSTRONG is designed to get you FIT, fast and working that body!  It’s a full body work out which will get your heart pumping, your muscles working and your face smiling! A calorie burning mix of cardio, strength, conditioning and HIIT exercise on a trampoline! Its sociable, fun and works on cardio, muscular endurance and strength all in one.

BounceSTRONG uses a mixture of bouncing routines that will get your heart pumping coupled with a varied circuit with strength and toning exercises to get you strong and in tip top shape. This will be no ordinary circuit, expect pair work, the odd fitness game, a bit of competition and some banging tunes to get you motivated.  You will be burning calories in class and well after you leave, and feel thoroughly chuffed with yourselves! Elly, our resident Bounce FIT instructor, takes you through the basics in this blog post.

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Who is it for?

Sessions are designed to cater for all levels of fitness and for men and women.  Please wear sports clothing (you’ll get hot!) and bring your bounce socks,  a water bottle and a towel.

How much is it?

£7.50 for 55 minutes in the park (45 minute class followed by 10 minutes freestyle in the park). Grip socks must be worn – you can bring your own or purchase these online or at the park for £1.50.



Literally the MOST fun I’ve ever had at a fitness class! – Tess “This Girl Can” and Active Sussex Ambassador