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What and when is it?

Jump, flip, fling yourself around and throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care….all without the little dudes watching or bouncing under your feet!

Only for 18 year olds +, this is the perfect session to let your hair down without being shown up by a twelve year old or being taken out by a team of toddlers.

View the timetable for session info and book online.


Who is it for?

Strictly for over 18s – ID will be requested if you’re lucky enough to look youthful!

How much is it?

£10 for 55 minutes in the park. Grip socks must be worn – you can bring your own or purchase these online or at the park for £1.50.


I love these sessions. It’s liberating being able to practice my parkour without worrying about landing on a little person