Meet Elly Beaman-Brinklow, the brains behind BounceSTRONG.  She tells us all about it below…

So what’s this new BounceSTRONG all about then? BounceSTRONG is a full body work out which will get your heart pumping, your muscles working and your face smiling! A calorie burning mix of cardio, strength, conditioning and HIIT exercise on a trampoline! Its sociable, fun and works on cardio, muscular endurance and strength all in one.

What does a class entail? BounceSTRONG uses a mixture of bouncing routines that will get your heart pumping coupled with a varied circuit with strength and toning exercises to get you strong and in tip top shape. This will be no ordinary circuit, expect pair work, the odd fitness game, a bit of competition and some banging tunes to get you motivated.  You will be burning calories in class and well after you leave, and feel thoroughly chuffed with yourselves!

BounceSTRONG sounds like hard work – is it going to hurt?  Haha great question! Well you know the saying, no pain no gain right? I can’t promise it will be a pain free ride, but only the best kind of pain that leads to satisfaction! With great music, some team work, fitness games and variation you won’t have time to dwell on pain, but your body and mind will gain!

What fitness levels is the class for? The class caters for all fitness levels, I always provide modifications to make sure everyone gets a great work out that is right for them. As long as you want to push yourself and enjoy yourself, this class is for you!

What changes can I expect to see to my body if I keep it up? If you come regularly you will definitely see increased muscle tone, you’ll lose inches, see a firmer core, and be wearing a confident smile!

How is it different to BounceFIT and how do I know which session is for me?
BounceSTRONG is a lively mix of trampoline circuits,  fitness games and cardio bounce tracks, often using equipment such as balls and weights. A class that incorporates strength, conditioning and cardio all in one work out! It’s great for those who want a challenge, like variation and team work – I am there to support and motivate you to push yourselves and see results. You’ll sweat smile and burn calories.
BounceFIT uses a music track by track approach, with great tunes to get you going. Ria is great at providing modifications and inspiring you to move and be active! It doesn’t require any equipment other than yourself, the trampoline & occasionally resistance bands. Two differing styles and approaches both however providing you with a chunk of sweaty fitness fun – come try them both and see!

Can I try a class before I sign up? We’re so confident you’ll love the new class that we’re offering a ‘Love it or your money back’ guarantee. Can’t say fairer than that!  Hurry though – the first class will get booked up very quickly. Book now.  My motto is always that fitness should be fun! Why would you stay away when you are guaranteed to get you fitter, faster, stronger, leaner and feeling great – all from bouncing around! Something a bit different and you’ll never get bored, see you there! Variation is key for keeping your body guessing (and progressing) and keeping motivated. There are so many benefits to working out on a trampoline: your muscles have to work that bit harder to stabilise thereby building full body strength, stability and endurance, strengthen your heart & build lung capacity (increasing cardiovascular fitness), ignite your metabolism, improve balance, its lower impact putting less strain on those joints – And the best thing is, it’s fun too, bring on those endorphins!

Meet Elly for the first class on Tuesday, 11th July at 7pm – book now. In the meantime, here’s a bit more about her:

Age: 29
Height: 170cm / 5ft 7
Current Employment: BB Active and Haste Theatre
Fitness Quals: Personal Training (REPS Level 3), Gym Instructor (REPS Level 2), Circuits & Kettle Bells
Other Quals: MA Physical Theatre, First Aid
Background: I come from a background of dance, sports and theatre. I trained in Ballet, Tap and Contemporary dance from an early age, while also playing and competing in (low level) netball, swimming, 200m and triple Jump. I Taught Street Dance, Contemporary and Stretch and Tone classes in Manchester which ignited my love for teaching and getting others moving and loving being active! I then trained for Masters Degree in Physical Thetare, which is where I  met my theatre company Haste Theatre, who I continue to perform, tour and facilitate workshops with. A little later I decided to use my love and experience of sport, dance and the moving body and trained as a Personal Trainer, setting up my Personal and Outdoor Training company: BB Active. I run my own form of bootcamp called PlayFit, which uses play and bootcamp games outdoors, to get you lunging, leaping, squatting and running while barley realising! I provide small group and one to one PT sessions too. My ethos is to have fun with fitness, if you don’t enjoy it, it won’t stick! …Which is why I am delighted to start teaching BounceSTRONG, what is more fun than a group class on a trampoline?!

BB Active website

BounceFIT is the perfect tonic for a busy mum. Mood-enhancing exercise, a welcoming and friendly class and a bit of escapism, it’s a little bit of you-time in a hectic schedule. But don’t just take our word for it – here’s Gems to tell us more and answer the questions you really want to know…..

Gems smiling

Gems, you’re a first time Mum – congratulations! Tell us a bit about yourself and your little one?

I am 29 and I have an 8-month old called Max, who is very cheeky and loves watching me bounce. I live in Seaford and come to Bouncefit at Sky High every week, sometimes even twice a week!

How did you discover BounceFIT and what is it you love about it?

A mummy friend of mine (Zoe) asked if I fancied trying it out, but we were both very anxious about going as we thought the whole jumping on a trampoline exercise after having a baby would not be such a good idea. We both went for the first time in February and have been to the class every week since.

Why do you do BounceFIT rather than go to the gym or for a run etc.?

The BounceFit class with Ria is great, you have a whole body exercise in the space of 45 mins, using high intensity interval training, so you’re not bouncing all the time. You also work on your core, arms, chest and back too! It is so much more fun than going to a gym. I find the gym so boring and when there are 20 other people bouncing around in the class, it is such a great buzz! I also run now, in addition to BounceFit, but I could not have done this without attending Bouncefit as it has really brought my cardiovascular fitness level up.

Bounce fitters jump for joyPregnancy, childbirth, the postnatal period puts our bodies through a lot – has BounceFIT helped you to get your body back to pre-pregnancy fitness levels and back into your clothes?  Has it helped with body confidence?

Yes, an awful lot, since having Max, I have lost just over 3.5 stone, that is obviously eating healthily too, my clothes fit better and my muscles that went during pregnancy are getting toned and I am now happy to wear a vest top rather than a baggy t-shirt.

What’s the atmosphere like in a BounceFIT class?

The atmosphere in a BounceFit class is such a buzz. Ria is an amazing motivator and and even though it can be tough at times in the session, everyone has a smile on their face

How do you manage childcare whilst you are at BounceFIT?

My mum normally looks after Max when I go to the class, but quite often she brings him into Sky High to watch me do the class. I usually buy my mum one of Sky High’s lovely coffees and then they both sit on the cafe balcony and watch every one bounce around. Max loves it he even bounces around on my mum’s lap!

Gems Weight lossThe dreaded pelvic floor issue…. many mums are put off bouncing of any form on a trampoline, because of stress incontinence. Were you worried about that when you came to your first class and is it an actual issue?

Like I said my friend and I were very anxious before we started our first class, but we took it slow to start with and Ria gave us alternative/ lower impact exercises to ease us in for the first few weeks (Ria is a mum herself and understands the whole pelvic floor issue) Also as long as you are prepared before class, and you work to your own pace, it is fine. There are also toilets literally 10 metres away if you need to go during the class!

Has trampoline exercise helped to improve your pelvic floor, because of the muscle activation/clenching/toning? How much has it improved since you first started?

Yes, it definitely has, from starting in February to today, I would say my pelvic floor is 80% back to where it was before I had Max. So if I keep going I am hoping it will be back to pre pregnancy. Every week it feels like I can do more and more harder exercise without having to worry. it definitely strengths the pelvic floor!

Would you recommend it to others?

Most definitely!! my fitness has improved immensely, I have made some new friends, its only 45 minutes out of your day and lots of fun. Ria is an amazing instructor and can give you options depending on if you have had a child or you have an injury and the staff at Sky High are all very friendly. No-one should be scared about coming along as a new mum. At the end of the day, there are a few new mums that go there and we are all in the same boat, so there is nothing to worry about. Its great to have fun and get fit at the same time!

Bounce fittersThe science bit: Trampolining is an increasingly popular exercise for its cardiovascular benefits and for the fact that it protects the joints from the fatigue and impact of exercising on hard surfaces (such as running). Exercising on a trampoline is reported to be an effective tool for weight loss as well as detoxification of the body, improving digestion and elimination, and promoting lymphatic flow.

But more recent evidence suggests it can also help to build up the pelvic floor. The clench/squeeze/hold motions that the body naturally adopts when exercising on a trampoline can replicate the Kegel exercises that engage the pelvic floor. Which makes it a miraculous class for mums to join in, because, to be honest, who actually does their pelvic floor exercises…..?

Harley Street based pelvic-floor specialist Jenni Russell says: “A trampoline has a lot of give so you have to activate your muscles to bounce back up again. It works your pelvic floor and all the muscles such as the buttocks and abdominals, which is really important. By recruiting more ‘fast-twitch’ fibres you build up strength quickly.”

So there you go. Not only does it get you fitter and leaner. Not only does it put you in a great mood. But…and here’s the best bit… can actually improve your pelvic floor! So long to coughing/sneezing/laughing/running accidents! Try it today at


Right, summer, we are coming AT you!  This year, we’re going to embrace the strappy tops, the shorts, the bikini on the beach, because we are going to ooze body confidence and LOVE what we’ve got!

The time is NOW to sign up for BounceFIT’s 10 week summer body boost.  Ten weeks of BounceFIT will burn fat, tone, strengthen and define. Combine it with a healthy diet and you’ll be blown away by the results.

Buy ten sessions by the 31st May 2017 at a cost of £75 for the course.  All ten sessions must be redeemed within three months of the purchase date.  We’re giving away a FREE water bottle and bag when you sign up for the ten sessions. Sign up for your summer boost by calling 01273 580029 or emailing You can also sign up at a BounceFIT class (but please book ahead).

BounceFIT classes are on Mondays at 7pm and Wednesdays at 10am (termtime only), 7pm and 8pm. Classes must be booked in advance by booking online using the link at the top of the website or calling 01273 580029 or email

Do it today and be part of the most exhilarating exercise revolution Sussex has ever seen!

Interview with Helen Johnson, BounceFITter at Sky High

Vital Stats:

Age: 44

Height: 5’3”

Weight (April 2017): 10 stone 1 lb

Weight (October 2016): 11 stone 6 lb

Sky High: Helen, congratulations on losing one and a half stone in weight! You look amazing! Tell us how you have done it?

Helen: Thanks…I feel amazing!  I started BounceFIT in October 2016 and alongside a healthier diet that’s how I’ve lost the weight and kept it off.

Sky High: So what prompted you to try BounceFIT?

Helen: I saw it advertised last year and it looked like a fun, different way of exercising so I came along to the first ever class. I’ve come to a class a week since then and I’m hooked.

Sky High: Why BounceFIT?

Helen: I don’t like going to the gym and prefer to exercise in a group. Everyone’s normal at BounceFIT – there’s every size, shape, age on the trampolines. It’s fun and energising and it always puts a smile on my face!

Sky High: Tell us about a typical class, for those who haven’t been

Helen: Ria starts with a warm up session then after some water and removal of some layers, she takes us into a high intensity workout (involving front to back/side bounces, knee tucks, double/triple time pulse bounces). We do a few reps of these to get the heart going. After a water break we go into a fun routine – so we’ll play a game along the length of the trampolines or do special moves to a song. I love this bit as you don’t even know you’re exercising. We then do core (abs, planks, pulsing stretches) then some yoga type stretches to cool down. We then get 10 minutes to freestyle in the park.

Sky High: What would you say to someone slightly nervous about coming along to BounceFIT?

Helen: Don’t be! The hardest part is leaving the house – once you’re here you’ll love it and come out smiling. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming and Ria is brilliant.

Sky High: What about the dreaded pelvic floor issue?

Helen: I’ve got two children and it’s honestly not an issue! You don’t bounce that high – and you land deep into the trampoline meaning the landing is low impact. You take it completely at your own pace too. Lots of mums at the school gates have said ‘I wouldn’t be able to do BounceFIT’ because of the pelvic floor problem. I say try it and you’ll be surprised.

Sky High: What do your kids think about you doing BounceFIT?

Helen: They think it’s brilliant. We practice some of the moves at home – the planking for example. I think it’s really healthy for their own outlook towards exercise to see me going out to a class I love and coming home buzzing.

Sky High: Weight loss is really difficult to achieve and it can be so confusing, expensive and demoralising. What’s the secret?

Helen: A realistic outlook – because life’s about living. I have a treat day once a week and if I have an extra piece of cake I’ll exercise or walk it off afterwards. I walk the kids to school and I try to cook healthy, clean meals for the family (wholemeal foods, lots of fruit and veg, go easy on the sugar and processed food). I do bounceFIT and a bootcamp class once a week and I love the exercise I do. It’s changed my bodyshape completely and I look forward to it every week.

Sky High: What difference do you think Sky High has made and to the local community?

Helen: It’s put Peacehaven on the map. It’s given the kids something to do – something active – and it’s brought an energising, enlivening, fun form of exercise to all of us BounceFITters!

BounceFIT is on Mondays and Wednesdays. Book a class online now and be part of 2017’s fitness revolution.




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