Freedom. Exhilaration. Adrenaline. All these and more, but we haven’t got the words to do it justice. Some things you just have to experience for yourself to understand the thrill, and bounce is definitely one of those things. The huge park is covered in wall-to-wall interconnected trampolines.  You can bounce up and down; you can run; you…

Aero ball

The new vertical action sport that’s taking the country by storm!  A combination of the skills needed in trampolining, basketball and volleyball and a sure fire way to good that blood pumping and heart beating.

Try it today…can you be the  champion?


Toddler bounce sessions are designed so that children aged 5 and under can enjoy Sky High Trampoline park safely and bounce at their own speed and comfort level. Its a great way to teach toddlers spatial awareness and how to explore an environment they aren’t familiar with. Bouncing on a trampoline is one of the most simple…


Bounce FIT will take you to a new level of working out! High intensity yet low impact, this will get your heart pumping, your heart soaring and your muscles yee-haa-ing! Sessions are designed to cater for all levels of fitness – and if you need to take a break there’s nowhere more comfortable than a…

Slam Dunk!

Let the trampolines propel you to new heights and shoot those hoops like never before. Take on your friends or go solo against the hoop with your slam-dunk, windmill-dunk or up-and-under.

Whatever your style, you’ll give the NBA stars a run for their money.

Boy peeking over air bag

Super-sized air bag

Throw caution to the wind, safe in the knowledge that you’re going to land on a huge velvety soft pillow of air. Try out those twists and flip and grab some big air – amaze yourself.  And for the more professional jumpers out there, here is where you master a technique or nail a new move.

Walk the Wall

How high can you go? Stand on the edge of the wall, drop backwards onto the trampoline and try to walk all the way back up to the top again…and again…and again.  It takes courage, it takes skill, it takes a strong stomach but we’re confident you can do it.  And we can guarantee you’ll…


In autism-friendly sessions, there’s no music, we don’t use the whistles and there is a reduced number of people in the park. Lighting is standard (no disco/coloured lighting). Siblings are welcome to book to jump too but we ask them politely to respect that this is an event specifically for autistic people and their parents/carers.…


Jump, flip, fling yourself around and throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care….all without the ankle-biters watching or bouncing under your feet! Only for 18 year olds +, this is the perfect session to let your hair down without being shown up by a twelve year old or being taken out…